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10 reasons for a holiday in St. Maarten

Why you should spend your next vacation in Sint Maarten/Saint-Martin

10 Gründe für einen Urlaub auf St. Maarten

European standards meet Caribbean lifestyle!

On top of the old Courthouse of Philipsburg and in many other locations in St. Maarten, you will spot a pineapple – for a good reason: In the entire Caribbean area, it is a symbol for hospitality. In Sint Maarten/Saint-Martin you'll also find the French charm, the Dutch pioneer spirit, the nonchalance of the Caribbean and a variety of influences from all around the globe.


  1. Therefore, St. Maarten is probably the most liberal-minded island in the world. In recent years, two nations – France and the independent state of Sint Maarten (since 2010) – have evolved into a popular destination in the Caribbean. The international jet set and an extraordinary yacht scene (sometimes, you may admire the largest private yachts) have discovered the island for themselves, just like the many holidaymakers who visit the island every year. "The friendly Island" is the island slogan – because on St. Maarten, 80 different nationalities live together, setting an example for peaceful coexistence. As everywhere, where different cultures meet, there are many exciting things to discover: in the music scene, on the plate and during every conversation in a café. Maybe you will even have the opportunity to meet some VIPs!
  2. St. Maarten combines the exotic flair of the Caribbean with European culture and American comfort. English, French and Dutch are spoken everywhere on the island. The official currency in the south is the Antillean Guilder. However, it is linked to the US Dollar, therefore you may also pay in USD; and of course in the French part, you may pay in Euro.
  3. St. Maarten's beaches are natural pearls and count among the most beautiful and exciting in the Caribbean – which is why they are regularly found in top ratings. The island offers a great variety of choice: lively, with plenty of action, family-friendly or solitary. The many beaches have something to offer for everyone: with fine white sand and year-round warm turquoise waters always guarantee a perfect beach holiday.
    TIP! Not only for action lovers: The spectacular Maho Beach – where landing airplanes roar just a few meters over your head – counts as one of the island's highly recommended highlights.
  4. St. Maarten has everything water lovers could wish for: surfing, scuba diving, swimming, canoeing, sailing, deep sea fishing, sunbathing … city beaches with bars and restaurants, secluded nudist beaches or surfer hotspots. If you wish to experience everything this beautiful island has to offer on the beach and on the water, one vacation will certainly not be enough ...
  5. However, the island offers more than just a beach holiday … The long history – which started even before the discovery by Columbus – invites you to dive into the exciting era of sailing ships, adventurers and pirates. If you wish to not only relax and unwind by the sea, you should consider exploring the island with a rental car. A wide range of excursions and activities, sights and attractions, and a variety of sports facilities will turn your stay into an unforgettable pleasure.
  6. St. Maarten is safe. Unlike some other holiday islands, you are perfectly safe on St. Maarten, if you follow a few basic safety precautions: Protect yourself from bloodsuckers by applying protective lotion and by keeping an eye on your valuables. Be careful not to step into sea urchins, or tourist traps. Important: Don't forget that sooner or later your vacation will be over!
  7. St. Maarten offers luxurious accommodations and fine dining at reasonable prices. Hotels & resorts, holiday homes or time-sharing-offers: Accommodations in St. Maarten are comfortable and to Western standards. Where French cuisine meets fresh seafood and the discerning palates of travelers from around the world, you may look forward to international specialty restaurants and a varied fusion cuisine – a feature which is unique in the Caribbean.
  8. St. Maarten is a Duty-Free Island. Since the importance of salt, sugar and other commodities declined, many customs and taxes were abolished in order to boost the economy. Still today, you may take advantage of reduced prices while shopping for international products (European designer fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and electronics at significantly lower prices to the delight of your wallet) in the many luxury shops and boutiques. Therefore, make sure there is enough free space in your suitcase. Even better: Simply buy another suitcase!
  9. St. Maarten never sleeps. Beach bars, clubs and casinos offer a lively nightlife - particularly during Mardi Grand Case, Carnival and the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. Not only for party crowds and night owls, but also for people with more sophisticated demands. For example, you may enjoy a candlelight dinner at sea or round off the evening with a concert!
  10. St. Maarten is the gateway to the Caribbean. Its central location and proximity to the neighboring Caribbean islands gives St. Maarten a major advantage and makes it an ideal destination for island hopping.
    Ferry connections and unforgettable day tours, such as boat and sailing trips, including shore excursions and meals, offer you the opportunity to discover the neighboring islands. For example, visit the famous French island of St. Barth with its spectacular beaches and luxury boutiques. Spend unforgettable hours while swimming with dolphins at Dolphins Discovery Park on the British island of Anguilla. A must for all diving enthusiasts: the unique underwater world surrounding the small island of Saba.
    Board a cruise ship in St. Maarten or charter your own boat and discover the Caribbean region. Excellent sailing areas, modern marinas, well-equipped shipyards, and fuel: all at low, tax-free prices.
    The Airport Princess Juliana International is the hub of the region. Daily connections to international destinations with direct flights to the eastern and western Caribbean, Europe and North and South America allow a time-saving and comfortable travel experience.