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10 reasons for a life in St. Maarten

Why many people could imagine living here forever

10 reasons for a life in St. Maarten

Not only a beautiful retirement destination

Anyone who buys a property in St. Maarten, can choose among apartments close to the beach at affordable prices. But that's not the only reason to treat yourself to a second home closer to the sun.

  1. St. Maarten is an open-minded island. There are many reasons why residents call their island "The friendly Island". From all over the world, people come here to stay for a while, or forever. Therefore, it is easy to meet new friends and to settle in. The more you enrich the island life with your ideas and your personality, the better.
  2. Soon, you will even love the rain. Since the island is located right on the border of the northern hemisphere, temperatures are steady throughout the year. In the winter, the generally mild temperatures only seldom go below 20° C; in the summer, the average temperature around 29° C is often refreshed by a cool breeze. However, during the rainy season, you'll need to get used to sudden cloudbursts. Ever more often, you will greet the rain with a smile on your face.
  3. The selection of properties for rent and for sale offers a wide range of choice. From convenient apartments to luxury villas, and from plots to finished houses. The infrastructure is good, and after Hurricane Katrina, measures were taken to ensure the safety of the buildings.
  4. Choose your own panoramic view. The island offers everything you could wish for: urban areas, beach view or small valleys. There are still many unexplored plots that can be built and designed as garden areas.
  5. Daily connections to the rest of the world. In Sint Maarten/Saint-Martin, there are two international airports with excellent connections to various destinations in the Caribbean, Europe, North and South America. But actually, you don't leave Europe when you move to the island.
  6. High standard of living at low prices: fresh fruit, and seafood directly from the water, local grocery stores, international supermarkets with a wide selection of European and American (gourmet) products. Furthermore, international restaurants with top ratings, and duty-free shopping of international products. Pleasant temperatures all year around. And what most people like best: No more snow shoveling or icy roads!
  7. Emigrate to two countries! Sint Maarten comes with Saint-Martin, and vice-versa. The island offers an international ambience with many individual characteristics, where you will find the right choice for your personal needs and demands.
  8. Excellent medical care. In St. Maarten it is fun to stay fit. However, in case of need, you will enjoy first-class medical treatment by professionals who have been trained in the USA and in Europe.
  9. Live your life the way you want! In St. Maarten, you may party the night away in one of the clubs and casinos, or simply take your easel and go scouting for new motifs. You may relax on the beach, or jog all around the island, as the Dutch and French did a long time ago.
  10. You're not alone. With a bit of English, French or Dutch, you will soon make new friends in St. Maarten. Expats are a special kind of people and maybe you will even find the one person you have been looking for since a lifetime.