Anguilla - Living the simple life

Anguilla is fondly known as one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean. The islands British charm is casually entwined with the local customs and traditions to offer an experience found nowhere else in the world. The island has worked hard to preserve her natural beauty and charm which in turn has led to some of the best beaches in the region.

You won’t find any fast food chains here, or chain hotels, instead you will discover five-star resorts that offer spectacular views and lush gardens. Life is simple in Anguilla, people lead a relaxed life while welcoming tourists from around the world. Located just north of St. Maarten, the island is accessible by either ferry boat or flight from St. Maarten and several other small flights from surrounding islands. Her landmass is only 92 km2, and its widest point is only 4.8km wide, which makes it a great place for either a day trip or a week’s stay!


Anguilla is lucky to have 33 of the world’s most amazing beaches, ranked number one in the world by the Travel Channel. The white powder sand seems almost impossible, and the variety allows for a different experience each time you venture out. Anguilla’s beaches vary from the restaurant dotted shores of Sandy Ground to the thick, lush coastlines of Meads Bay. There are smaller more private beaches perfect for a restful day with a book and longer stretches of sand that beg to be strolled. Indeed, something for everyone.


The saying goes that in Anguilla, dining out is not only about the food, but the overall experience. Casual dining spots are found everywhere but don't let the casualness fool you, the food will still know your flip-flops off. Foodies and wine connoisseurs can rest assured that their every wish will be fulfilled. Top chefs deliver feasts fit for kings and pair it with wines from around the globe. As with many islands, the flavors of the Caribbean can be found on most menu’s, creating unique culinary experiences.

Where to stay

Anguilla caters to a variety of travelers and has a diverse inventory to suit every need. From 3 to 5-star properties, you will quickly find a room to suit your budget. Most offer ocean views and beachfront access which makes relaxing and unwinding a top priority. Most of the larger resorts offer wellness facilities, restaurants, and on-site activities, while the smaller properties are usually within walking distance of a restaurant or two.


Anguilla prides itself on its product and has chosen to try and keep the island as natural as possible. That means no casinos or bright lights, rather smaller restaurants, and local spots offer up a variety of music to keep your heartbeat up. There is always something happening somewhere, and most hotels know where the in place will be. Not a night owl? No worries, there is plenty of fun to be had during the day, and always a good time to be found.


Carnival takes center stage at the beginning of August and offers a colorful celebration of costumes and parties. Traditional boat races, as well as the region's largest beach party, take place during the Carnival celebrations. Boat racing is actually a large part of, and the launching of the boats off the beach is a sight worth seeing.


Typical island activities can easily be booked while in Anguilla. Snorkeling, diving, boat trips, and fishing trips are just some of the fun that can be had. Interested in getting in a round of golf or two? No worries, the 18-hole championship course designed by Greg Norman is open to anyone that wants to play. Cycling is also easy to arrange and what better way to experience Anguilla than by bike.

Anguilla is an island that has a hidden charm, sometimes difficult to describe to your fellow traveler. It is a place that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime, and we are confident that should you make Anguilla your vacation destination, that you will return more than once. To soak in her culture, her food, and her sun-kissed beaches. It is the perfect place to step away from the busy schedules of today's life and to unplug and recharge.