Best time to travel the Caribbean?

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Most people will say there is never a wrong time to travel to the Caribbean, and we tend to agree. The weather is generally great year-round, the food is always delicious and the people are always welcoming, but there can be a difference in experiences when you travel during the peak seasons or the summer months. It all boils down to what you want for your tropical vacation.

Peak Season

Generally, for most Caribbean islands, the favorite months to visit are between December and May. There are several reasons this time of year is a favorite for travelers, one of which is quite simply temperature! Warming up during the winter months is very attractive to many travelers, and the Caribbean is one of the best choices. Besides, many events happen during these favorite months like Carnival celebrations and sailing events, and while this is an excellent time of year to visit there are some things to be aware of when traveling during these favorite months:


  • Pricing - Due to the increase in demand, the prices for airfare, hotels, and rental cars can be higher
  • Crowds - With the increase in demand comes the increase in people, longer lines at check-ins, delays at immigration, and more traffic on the local roads can mean you need to pack a bit more patience than usual
  • Reservations - With the increase in people you will more likely need reservations for your favorite restaurant


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Low Season

Travel during the other months of June through November means you can encounter a different set of obstacles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to visit! Many travelers will have to be mindful that it is Hurricane season for the islands in the north. That doesn't mean you can’t visit, and it just means you should be more aware of the risks when traveling to the area. For tips on what to do should you find yourself on vacation during a storm, check out our tips here (Surviving a storm while in the Caribbean). Other important things to note are:


  • Hot - These months can be much hotter than the winter time, so be extra careful when out in the sun and be sure to apply sunscreen regularly
  • Restaurants - Commonly known as the low season due to fewer visitors means that many restaurants will close and give the staff their yearly vacation, so be sure to check with your favorite places to be sure they will be open when you are visiting
  • Rain - Because it is hurricane season it means that this period may have more rain than the winter months, but on an island, the rain doesn't generally last very long, and the beaches dry quickly!


For the southern islands, the hurricane season does not apply, so the best time of year depends on what suits you best!


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Each island has a schedule for events, summer camps and holidays so it is a good tip to visit the islands local tourism website so you can find out what is happening during the period you are interested in traveling. Families traveling with children may enjoy the summer months more as there tend to be other families around which means new friends for the kids and lots of play time, which can mean lots of relax time for parents!

Whichever week you choose to travel, rest assured you won't be disappointed, the region is known for welcoming visitors from around the world and capturing their hearts.