Saba - The Caribbean’s hidden secret

Saba, the unspoiled queen, is a small island rich with history. For centuries, this island was a hub of the shipping industry, with many of the regions ship captains coming from the naval families that once lived there. Saba may be small, but what she lacks in land mass she more than makes up for with charm and beauty. Like a Queen, she commands your attention while simultaneously taking your breath away.


Saba has a unique landscape which consists mainly of steep mountainsides and lush green valleys. There are no beaches like those on other Caribbean islands so don't plan a trip with the idea that you will bask in the sun all day long on white strips of sand. Instead, there is one small man-made beach area that offers black Saba sand, but depending on the currents it is not always there.


Several small restaurants dot the island and offer amazing lunches for your day trip. If you are spending a few days on Saba be sure to venture out and try some of the culinary delights at the islands' restaurants. Not only will you be pleased with the selections but the friendly locals and hosts will keep you entertained.


Saba is known for her coral reefs and sizeable protected dive sites, offering some of the best diving in the Caribbean. A wealth of undersea activity allows for bountiful dives and snorkeling. If you are not a diving fan, we recommend taking a guided hike to the top of the crater. Flora and fauna are unique in Saba, and the cold temperatures in the mountain tops are a welcome break to the tropical heat.


Saba offers up an island charm that will capture your heart. There are no big chain hotels or high rises, and the terrain doesn't allow for it. Instead, there are small boutique hotels and guest houses that cater to your every need and offer up amazing views no matter where you stay. Friendly staff and lots of history envelope the buildings as many have transformed over the years. Looking to disconnect from the rest of the world? Then try the eco-lodge, which offers minimalistic accommodations that blend into the mountainside. All that is left are the sounds of the birds and tree frogs as you lull yourself to sleep in the fresh mountain air.

Getting there

Saba is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean chain, with a total landmass of 5 square miles! She boasts one of the shortest commercial airstrips in the world with a runway that is only 400 meters in length. The flight from neighboring St. Maarten takes only 12 minutes, and the landing and take-off are an experience in itself. For those less adventurous, you can book a ferry ride from St. Maarten and arrive by sea.

Saba is a dormant volcano, which makes her terrain steep and the lands lush. Lots of greenery cover the mountainsides while homes and businesses peek out amongst the fauna. Boasting a population of about 3000, Saba is a tight-knit community of people, all who are happy to welcome visitors to her shores. The island seems to have paused itself in time, allowing those who visit a rare opportunity to enjoy the island as it has been for many years. Untouched and unspoiled.