What you need to know about St. Maarten

Happy Couple At Long Bay Beach, Saint Martin
Long Bay Beach, Saint Martin

For hundreds of years people have been captured by the colorful charms of St. Maarten. From her turquoise waters and white sandy beaches to the green mountains and golden sunsets, the island has a wealth of color that will brighten your life. It is officially the smallest land mass to be divided by two countries, the French and the Dutch, thus giving us the culturally rich Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. Over the years, the island has evolved into a bustling nerve center of the region, offering plenty to do both on and off the water. Mother nature has stepped in a few times to adjust things a bit and most recently in 2017 the island was once again struck by the now infamous Hurricane Irma, but that has not slowed down the island nor her people, and the island is just as busy as ever.


St. Maarten has over 70km of coastline which offers a total of 37 beaches for you to explore and enjoy. The variety of beaches ranges from those that offer small quiet sandy shores with only the iguanas to keep you company to bustling hives of beach volleyball, restaurants and watersports. There is indeed a beach to suit every travelers taste.

Coupecoy Beach, Sint Maarten
Coupecoy Beach, Sint Maarten


Being known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean is a title that St. Maarten has owned for many years, and despite the damage of hurricane Irma, the island still boats more than 300 restaurants to choose from. Ranging from local traditional dishes to bistros and gourmet cuisine, there are enough options for both taste and budget that will not disappoint.

Exclusive restaurant at Sonesta Ocean Point, Sint Maarten
Restaurant at Sonesta Ocean Point Sint Maarten


Since the island caters to a variety of travel enthusiast, the inventory is as varied as its guests. You can choose from simple cozy boutique hotels, larger full service properties and all-inclusive resorts. Leaving it up to you to determine what your experience will be. Prices also vary which means you can accommodate your family of four while still enjoying lots of activities or spend your honeymoon undisturbed.

Terrace view at Sonesta Ocean Point Resort - Adults Only, Sint Maarten
Sonesta Ocean Point Resort - Adults Only, Sint Maarten


As with the collection of restaurants, hotels and beaches the islands also boasts a large array of activities. Diving and snorkeling, sailing and watersports are easily arranged at your local hotel and for the more adventurous, there are hiking trails, kayak tours and the world’s longest zip line! For the animal lovers there are horse riding tours and parrot parks to complete the list.

Romantic Sunset Cruise Excursion, Sint Maarten
Romantic Sunset Cruise, Sint Maarten
St. Maarten, has come a long way in the last year, and has been welcoming tourists and business travelers since December of 2017, just months after what some described as total devastation. There are of course visual reminders of the damage that was done, but the people who make St. Maarten their home are resilient and enthusiastic that she will return in full to her former glory, and some even say that the island is even better now than it has ever been.