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Scuba Diving Refresher Dive

Highlights / Facts

The shallow sites we visit have a great sandy bottom where we pick up a mooring, and the water is around 10' deep. This immediately relaxes divers and makes the dive entry and exit a lot easier. Although shallow, these sites still offer up a wealth of sealife to enjoy.



When you are newly certified or perhaps your last dive was a while ago, the shallow afternoon dive at 2pm isa great refresher. The waters are calm and shallow, which boosts confidence and allows divers to "iron out the kinks" in a safe and relaxed environment. All certified divers are welcome to start their vacation diving with a shallow dive and we take along snorkellers, so the whole family can enjoy an adventure together


...Shallow dives are at 2pm Sunday to Friday. We most often visit two appropriate sites: Divi Little Bay, which can also be done as a shore dive, and Creole Rock which a boat ride to a shallow reef on the French side. Multiple shallow dives over the vacation will result in returning to the same sites, but that is left to the diver's discretion.