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Tango to Cove Bay

Summary Description:
When Tango arrives in Cove Bay and you see a brilliant white stretch before you, lined with lounge chairs, and you turn around and the spectacular hills of St Maarten’s will be your view all day…well…you have a obligation to lower yourself gently into a chair, order a cocktail and say aaaaahhhhh! Stay at Cove Bay for the day. You have earned it. Let Smokey’s restaurant treat you to a delicious lunch and enjoy some “tranquility wrapped in blue”.

Daytrip is offered on Tuesday. Check in at 8am for a 9am departure out of the Simpson Bay Resort marina. Tango returns at 4:45pm. Please be advised that the early arrival is to ensure all guests can clear the immigration procedure of scanning passports and receiving extra ticketing. There is a small restaurant and a Deli for breakfast and a gift shop to browse while waiting. We close check-ins 15 minutes before departure in order to clear the boat. Guests arriving after that time may need to reschedule.
Schedule is subject to change.

$85 for adults and $40 for children ages 2 to 12. Port fees are $15 per person.

Open bar & snacks onboard, beach chairs & umbrellas and BBQ lunch at Smokey’s.

Good to know:
We advise you to bring along extra cash to purchase additional drinks. We get to shore by dinghy along with bags. Climbing in and out of dinghies should be possible for you if you wish to enjoy this trip.