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Tango to Shoal Bay

Anguilla Shoal Bay Beach relaxing on the beach
Anguilla Shoal Bay Beach relaxing on the beach
Anguilla Shoal Bay couple enyoing their beach walk
Anguilla Shoal Bay
Tango sailing catamaran anchors at Shoal Bay beach

Name of Trip: Tango Shoal Bay Anguilla
Available: Hotel Market : X Cruise Market: X
Days: Tuesdays
Min./Max.: 1/65
Price: Adult Retail $110 & Additional: $15pp port fee, Child Retail $50 & Additional: $15pp port fee

Shoal Bay on Anguilla is rated one of the 10 best beaches to visit in the world. Magnificent long miles of, white powdery sand with crystal clear waters... make for a truly spectacular day.
Tango sail catamaran and her fun crew will sail you over to Cove Bay, where a taxi will meet guests to tour the length of Anguilla up to Shoal Bay.
Sink into beach loungers, walk the beach or snorkel the small reef. It is a day in paradise. The taxi returns to Cove Bay for the lively sail home.


8.15 am: Check in at Simpson Bay Resort with passports

9.00 am: Tango sail cat departs and sails to Cove Bay Anguilla. Drinks and snacks are served while sailing

10.15 am: Snorkel Gear is handed out and a Taxi meets guests at Cove bay for the tour to Shoal Bay.

10.45 am: Guests can snorkel the reef, beachcomb and sunbathe. Lounge chairs and shared umbrellas are provided. Leisurely lunch provided at Sunset Restaurant and more beach time

2.15 pm: Taxi back to Cove Bay

3.00 pm: Board tango and enjoy the sail home with drinks and snacks served.


  • Snack
  • Beverages on board the boat
  • Lunch

To Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Towel & Hats
  • Passports and extra cash
  • Water cameras